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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would anyone want to become a Reserve Deputy and volunteer their time?

For many, the reasons are:

· To assist and support the full-time staff

· They enjoy the excitement

· To help their community

· They receive a sense of pride knowing that they belong to one of the finest Sheriff’s Offices in the country

· To know that they are part of the “solution” not the “problem”

· For others, it’s a way to see if they want to embark on a career in law enforcement. Many law enforcement agencies hire their full-time Deputies from those who have served as a Reserve. Many of our full-time staff began their career in the Reserves.

Is this a paid position?

The position of Reserve Deputy is a volunteer position. You will recieve no compensation for your services. Medical Insurance, equipment, and uniforms are provided by the agency.

What is the selection process for this program?

The selection process for the Reserve Deputy Program is virtually as stringent as the selection process for out full-time commissioned positions. All applicants will go through a complete selection process to include a physical agility assessment, a written exam, and an oral board interview. If selected by the interview board for further processing, then a background investigation, and a medical examination.

What type of training will I receive?

Once you have completed the selection process, you will be scheduled in the next Basic P.O.S.T. (Police Officer Standardized Training) class to prepare you for the Louisiana P.O.S.T. exam. The class is approximately 7 months long with classes two nights per week from 6pm to 10pm and every other weekend. While this is a significant commitment, once completed you will have obtained the same training as a full-time Deputy.

Once P.O.S.T. certified you will begin the Field Training Program. While riding as a student with you will answer calls and enforce the law under the supervision of a Field Training Officer.

Is there an evaluation or test at the end of the academy?

Yes, applicants are reviewed throughout the academy on their performance, attendance, and conduct. At the completion of the academy the written P.O.S.T examination is given. Upon becoming P.O.S.T. certified, You will enter the Field Training Program.

How much time are you required to contribute?

The initial Basic Academy is approximately 3 months in duration of two or three nights per week with one to two weekends per month. Once completed you will be able to function as a Recruit Deputy under the supervision of another Deputy at fairs, festivals, and Patrol. Once a night POST academy is scheduled, you will be assigned to attend the 9 month program in a similar format as the Basic Academy described above. Once you successfully complete the POST Academy, you will enter the Field Training Program where you will handle calls for service under the supervision of a Field Training Officer. Completion of the Field Training Program ( Road Certification ) you are granted solo status where you are able to function on your own as a fully credentialed Law Enforcement Officer. For those that do not wish to function on their own, there is a Detail Certification Program to operate on you own at the various fairs and festivals and function as the second deputy in Criminal Patrol.

Anyone who completes the Criminal Patrol FTO program ( Road Certification ) can transfer to one of the specialized groups such as Traffic Enforcement, Marine Enforcement, or Detective Division. All reserve deputies that transfer to a specialized division will continue to participate with the rest of the Reserve Division at fairs, festivals, and reserve details as well as supplementing Criminal Patrol. Each of these specialized groups have an additional Field Training Program specific to their specific responsibilities.

The program requires a minimum of 24 hours per month and participation with 50% of the reserve details once all training is completed. This is averaged over each quarter of the calendar year to allow for flexibility. Details such as Mardi Gras, Festivals, Parish Fair, High School Football, and others require a significant manpower commitment from the Reserves. During the month of Mardi Gras alone the reserve division contributes over 3000 hours to the Sheriff's Office and it's mission of protecting the public.

Where do Reserve Deputies work in the Sheriff’s Office?

· Festivals, Mardi Gras, Marathons, Sporting Events

· Criminal Patrol ( alone after receiving road certification, or as a second officer in a marked police unit)

· Marine Enforcement

· Traffic Enforcement

· Detectives

· Special missions (Drug details, Fugitive roundups)

· Assist at traffic accidents, Enforce traffic laws

· Community Service at Christmas time

Will I be able to become a full-time deputy?

Many Reserve Deputies do become full-time employees at the Sheriff’s Office in a wide variety of positions. Reserve Deputies must apply for positions as they become available.

If you are interested in joining the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office Reserve Division please fill out the form below, be sure to enter RESERVE DEPUTY in the position box under the Employment Desired section.

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Be sure to check "Reserve" under the Employment Desired section