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RS 34:851.1Declaration of policy
RS 34:851.2Definitions
RS 34:851.3Application and justification
RS 34:851.4Careless operation of a watercraft
RS 34:851.5Repealed by acts 2011, no. 264, §3.
RS 34:851.6Negligent homicide
RS 34:851.7Interference with navigation
RS 34:851.8Operating a watercraft during suspension
RS 34:851.9Incapacity of operator
RS 34:851.10Collisions, accidents, and casualties; theft, reporting
RS 34:851.11Overloading
RS 34:851.12Overpowering
RS 34:851.13Riding on decks and gunwales
RS 34:851.14Restricted areas
RS 34:851.14.1Closure of waterways
RS 34:851.14.2Safety and security zones
RS 34:851.15Waterskiing
RS 34:851.16Mufflers
RS 34:851.17Racing
RS 34:851.18Owner's responsibility; presumption of owner's consent to operate
RS 34:851.19Operation of unnumbered motorboats or sailboats prohibited; exception
RS 34:851.20Identification number
RS 34:851.21Numbering system
RS 34:851.22Exemption from numbering system
RS 34:851.23Boat liveries; numbering of manufacturer's and dealer's boats
RS 34:851.24Classification and required equipment
RS 34:851.25Prohibited operation
RS 34:851.26Transmittal of information
RS 34:851.27Local regulations prohibited; exceptions; speed limits
RS 34:851.28Filing of regulations
RS 34:851.29Enforcement
RS 34:851.30Visual distress
RS 34:851.31Penalties
RS 34:851.32Disposition of funds
RS 34:851.33Possession of outboard motor with serial number removed prohibited
RS 34:851.34Powers not affected
RS 34:851.35Filing false applications
RS 34:851.36Boating safety education required
RS 34:851.37Special certificate agents; rules and regulations
RS 34:852.1Short title
RS 34:852.2Definitions
RS 34:852.3Certificate of title authorized
RS 34:852.4Application for certificate of title; form; content
RS 34:852.5Acquisition of vessel by dealer
RS 34:852.6Prohibition of vessel sale, assignment, or transfer without certificate of title or documentation
RS 34:852.7Certificate of title; form and content
RS 34:852.8Retention of records of title
RS 34:852.9Duplicate certificate of title
RS 34:852.10Manufacturer's or importer's certificate of origin required
RS 34:852.11Manufacturer's or importer's certificate of origin; form and content
RS 34:852.12Dealer's record of vessels bought, sold, or transferred
RS 34:852.13Hull identification number requirement; prohibitions
RS 34:852.14Transfer or repossession of vessel by operation of law or court order
RS 34:852.15Transfer of title; absence of executor or administrator of estate
RS 34:852.16Security interest in vessels; certificate of title to show interest; notice; exemptions
RS 34:852.17Certificate of origin; evidence of ownership; rebuttal
RS 34:852.18Forms; investigations
RS 34:852.19Adoption of rules and regulations
RS 34:852.20Electronic media system for lien recordation and title information
RS 34:852.21Fees
RS 34:852.22Violations; penalties
RS 34:852.23Titling abandoned and salvaged vessels and outboard motors
RS 34:855.1Short title
RS 34:855.2Definitions
RS 34:855.3Regulation of personal watercraft
RS 34:855.4Regulation of liveries
RS 34:855.5Exemptions